The RevoLix 200 is the latest laser to be launched into the US market by Lisa Laser USA. Lisa Laser has over ten years experience with the development and use of the thulium laser for surgical applications in all specialties. The RevoLix 200 is the most advanced laser introduced for the treatment of BPH and is superior to all other laser technologies currently being used for the treatment of BPH.

It has a wavelength of 2013 nm, which targets the water in the tissue, providing superior vaporization, cutting and hemostasis of the prostate.

There are many benefits in using the RevoLix 200, both for the surgeon and the patient. The overall objective is to provide a safer procedure for the patient with less pain and a faster return to normal life. The RevoLix 200 provides this and more.

Technique. With the RevoLix 200 the surgeon has the choice to vaporize, vapo – resect or resect tissue. Vapo – resection has the advantages of not only being able to remove more tissue in a shorter period of time but also the pathology of the prostate ”chips” can be used to determine the presence of cancer. Both Vapo – resection and resection have the advantage of removing large amounts of tissue more quickly especially when treating large prostate glands. This has the benefit of reducing the procedure time and the amount of time that the patient is anesthetized.

Visualization.  Visualization is important for the surgeon and using the RevoLix 200 a vastly superior and clearer visualization is provided. The Holmium laser produces large steam bubbles that distort and make it hard for the surgeon to visualize the surgical site. The RevoLix 200 provides a clear visualization of the surgical site because there is almost no “bubble effect”. While glare and the use of colored safety glasses make it hard to visualize the surgical site when using the Green light laser. There is no glare with the RevoLix 200 and clear safety glasses can be used.

Both the Holmium and Green light lasers provide poor hemostasis, allowing blood to impede the surgeon’s visualization.

Safety  The RevoLix 200 uses a laser wavelength that has a strong absorption in water. This eliminates the risk of unintentional collateral damage to surrounding tissue.

Post Operative Pain. The RevoLix 200 uses unique technology that produces a very shallow depth of necrosis. This means that there is less sloughing and consequently less post operative pain. With the RevoLix 200 there is greater hemostasis than with other lasers which all result in a shorter catheterization time and a quicker recovery.

The RevoLix 200 allows the use of reusable end fire fibers as well as single use end fire and side fire fibers.

When all these factors are taken into consideration the surgeon can perform safer procedures in a shorter period of time, benefiting both the patient and the surgeon.

The RevoLix 200 is here today to provide better care for your patients.