Lisa Laser, the leader in the development of surgical lasers announces that the RevoLix 200 laser is available in the USA.

The value of this laser is the major clinical advantages that it offers to the patient, the surgeon and the hospital. Traditional treatments have had problems with bleeding, poor visualization of the prostate and the creation of a thick layer of necrotic tissue. The engineers at Lisa Laser have solved these problems. The RevoLix 200 watt laser is the most powerful surgical laser available and this allows the surgeon to perform BPH procedures quickly and safely.

According to the AUA (American Urological Association) over 50% of men by the age of 60 years and 90% of those older than 80 years of age will suffer from BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). According to the Department of Health and Human Services that’s over 30 million men, just in the USA, and by the year 2020 this number is projected to be approx. 40 million men.  The burden on our medical systems is huge, so that is why a solution that is more effective clinically, takes less time and costs less is needed.

Lisa Laser has developed this revolutionary technology to solve not only today’s problems but also those of tomorrow. There is almost no bleeding, visualization is not impaired by any glare and the amount of necrotic tissue is almost a factor of 10 less than leading lasers that are currently being used. Because there is a lot less necrotic tissue with the RevoLix, the patient suffers much less post operative pain, allowing him to return to his normal way of life in a shorter period of time.

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Lisa Laser is a global leader in the field of minimally invasive surgical lasers providing solutions for not only today’s health problems but also those of tomorrow.

Their world-renowned development teams have for the last 25 years developed advanced surgical products that provide a clinical solution while balancing the economic requirements of today.

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