• 120 watt RevoLix

• BPH, strictures, bladder tumors and more

• Reusable 800 micron fibers

• End and side fire fibers available

• Can be used in contact and non contact with tissue

The RevoLix  provides fast vaporization of tissue and therefore faster patient turnaround. The reusable fibers used by the RevoLix laser mean that procedure costs can be brought right down, making the RevoLix a cost effective solution.

• Consistent absorption by the chromophore

• Narrow depth of thermal damage

• Excellent hemostasis

• Fast procedure times

• Reusable 800 micron fibers


• Less postoperative pain

• Less necrotic tissue generated

• Faster patient turn around and recovery

• Low cost per procedure due to reusable fibers

• Utilization both in the Operating Room and the Office

The RevoLix surgical laser also comes in the following variations: