• Superior clinical performance
  • Power levels up to 50 watts
  • Reusable laser fibers
  • Accessibility
  • Full robotic articulation
  • 3 D Vision
  • The RevoLix design objective was to create a surgical laser system that had the capability of not only multi specialty but also being capable of being delivery via a wide range of delivery systems. Up until now lasers have been limited in the range of delivery systems but now the RevoLix has been approved by Intuitive Surgical to de used with the da Vinci surgical system. So now the precision of the da Vinci and the performance of the RevoLix have been brought together.

    With the demand for less invasive procedures, quicker recovery time and shorter hospitalization times the combination of the RevoLix and the da Vinci is able to achieve that with many procedures. A new 5mm Introducer has been developed by Intuitive which allows the laser fibers to be threaded through the center of the introducer.With full articulation of the tip of the introducer, 3-D vision and a 30 degree scope it is possible to position the laser fiber anywhere the surgeon needs to …….

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