• Available in 2 models up to 30 watt

• Range of different size laser fibers

• Coaxial aiming beam
• Approved by Intuitive Surgical for use with the da Vinci
• Can be used in contact and non contact with tissue

The RevoLix Jr provides a range of surgical solutions aimed at minimally invasive procedures, from ENT to GYN and Urology.

• 2 Models 15 watt and 30 watt
• Reusable Fibers from 273 micron to 550 micron
• Fibers are 3 meters long
• Flexible fibers for use with da Vinci surgical robot
• Can also be used with rigid hand pieces and flexible scopes

• Models available for all surgical applications
• Superior cutting and ablation efficiency
• Better hemostasis that CO2 laser
• Cost effective, fibers can be reused multiple times
• Utilization both in the Operating Room and the Office

The RevoLix surgical laser comes in the following models: