Sphinx Holmium Surgical Laser

Why Holmium?
The ablative effect of the Holmium-YAG laser is based on the high absorption of the Holmium laser energy in water and in biological tissue containing water. The pulsed energy of the laser radiation is converted into heat within a depth of tissue of less than 0.5 mm, making it ideal for use in ablation processes.

How Much Power?
Depending upon your application, LISA laser offers a range of four lasers starting at 30 watts, and increasing to 45 watts and 60 watts. Each of these units can be upgraded to the highest power available, 80 watts.

How important is pulse width?
If you are breaking stones, the shorter the pulse width the better. LISA laser has the shortest pulse width available at 150 microsecs.

Sphinx Light Spectrum Chart

If you are ablating or cutting, and need hemostatis, then a long pulse width is better. LISA laser also has the capability to increase the pulse width up to 800 microsecs.

The Sphinx surgical laser comes in the following variations: