“The improvement in precision and effectiveness of

endometriosis treatment with RevoLix Jr and

daVinci® has translated into improved outcomes.”

Dr Fields – Director of Robotic Surgery Tennova Healthcare

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“I have used many different lasers in the past but the RevoLix 2 micron laser is clearly superior. I was able to perform daVinci hysterectomy with extreme precision and no blood loss. Also removing endometriotic implants with the RevoLix/da Vinci combination is clearly a way how surgery of the future will be performed. With use of the RevoLix laser, there is no lateral tissue damage, so injury to adjacent tissue in experienced hands is next to none.”

Zvonko Spasic MD

Dominion Womens Health

Richmond Virginia




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“Use of the Revolix Jr during my RAPN procedures has greatly improved coagulation and therefore visualization, resulting in efficient and safe outcomes.”

Dr Jon Auger, Waukesha Memorial Hospital.




Frederick Klein M.D. Professor of Surgery Chief, Division of Urology, University of Tennessee
The RevoLix 2-micron laser is a wonderful technology. We have had experience with the PVP Greenlight and Holmium and the RevoLix is far above either of those lasers with regard to efficacy, patient satisfaction, and ease.
Basically, the RevoLix allows us to do bloodless prostate ablation. It is fast and with perfectly clear vision. The advantages of the RevoLix are you do not have to wear [tinted] goggles, it is easily done with a camera and there is no bubbling or white fluffy tissue that is seen with the Holmium.
The bottom line is the Revolix 2-Micron is effective and operator friendly. I would suggest it as the laser of choice for a prostate ablation. In addition, the RevoLix has an end fire and side fire fiber for urologist’s preference, and enucleation can be done as well as ablation with either fiber per the urolgist’s desire.

BPH Laser, Revolix Laser

Michael L. McClelland M.D. Chief of Urology – Seton Medical Center, University of Texas
Patients appear to have less irritative symptoms with the Revolix and are happier with the results sooner. Both lasers obviously work for obstructive BPH, but after using both I believe the Revolix is a superior way to treat my patients.
After doing a large number of cases with both Revolix and the Greenlight laser, I firmly believe that the Revolix Laser is superior. I can vaporize tissue more efficiently and more completely with the Revolix.


Revolix Laser BPH Laser

Brian Parker, M.D.

Urology Consultants of Tennessee
There are many advantages to the Revolix 2 Micron Laser. The forward firing technology allows me the ability to precisely resect the gland and submit specimens for histology. With the side firing lasers, it is easy to impinge on the bladder, causing irritation post operatively to be prolonged.
The patient outcomes are superior with the Revolix. They return the same day reporting little or no pain. I have come to appreciate the Revolix and I feel if more physicians knew about the technology, they would use it.
This wavelength generates little to no necrotic tissue. Because there is very little necrotic tissue you can see the target area much more clearly. There is no guessing as to the volume of tissue removed and the capsule is easily identified.