“The improvement in precision and effectiveness of

endometriosis treatment with RevoLix Jr and

daVinci® has translated into improved outcomes.”

Dr Fields – Director of Robotic Surgery Tennova Healthcare

LISA Laser has been working with Intuitive Surgical for the past few years to develop a flexible fiber delivery introducer for the da Vinci robot. This lead to the development of the 5mm 5 Fr. Introducer Instrument. The RevoLix Jr is the only laser system approved by Intuitive for cutting tissue. The laser can also be used with micromanipulators, flexible scopes, laparoscopic instruments and malleable handpieces. Cases can be performed in office and in hospital facilities.


The 3 main benefits of the RevoLix over CO2 are the ability to use the da Vinci and laser together, better hemostasis and a reusable fiber, which brings cost down dramatically.


For GYN the main procedures are:

Benign and malignant tumors

More video procedures can be found by clicking here.


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