Vaporization rates 50% faster than Greenlight, Less thermal necrosis

The superior performance of the RevoLix 2 Micron Thulium Laser has made it a top choice in urological applications.

RevoLix 2 Micron Surgical Lasers

The RevoLix can be used for the following procedures:-
  • BPH
  • Unclamped Partial Neprectomies
  • Bladder Tumors
  • Strictures

RevoLix Lasers – The treatment of BPH with lasers has become very popular recently with the advent of photo vaporization. RevoLix has many advantages in this area:

  • Photo Vaporazation and Resection are both available from the same laser
  • The target chromophore is water, not hemoglobin, this means that complete removal of tissue can be achieved even when there is no hemoglobin
  • Many other urological procedures such as Bladder tumors and strictures can be performed with reusable fibers
  • Reusable endfire and sidefire fibers are available
Because of the excellent hemostasis that the RevoLix produces, unclamped partial nephrectomies of exophytic tumors can be performed with minimal thermal damage resulting in:-
  • Less blood loss
  • No ischemia time
  • Less Pain
  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Quicker return to normal activity
The RevoLix laser targets water in the tissue which is always present. By targeting water, RevoLix can achieve vaporization rates 50% faster than Greenlight with much less thermal damage.

This is shown in the graph to the right of published data.

Unclamped partial nephrectomies can be performed laparoscopically or robotically with the da Vinci robot.

Sphinx Lasers

Sphinx is the most effective Holmium lasers on the market because of its unique adjustable pulse duration, increasing its application value.

Strictures in the ureter are easily opened, virtually without any bleeding.

Resection of well circulated adenome tissue is required for excellent coagulation and healing. Bloodless resection of the prostate can be obtained by applying the SPHINX laser in long pulse durations. The active cooling system of the SPHINX laser allows extended operation at an elevated ambient temperature.

The low penetration of the SPHINX Holmium laser makes it the ideal instrument for the ablation of bladder tumors. A special aiming beam setting allows the usage together with “photo-dynamic-diagnosis” under blue light illumination.

Regardless of their composition and location, all stones can be fragmented using laser lithotripsy. Upon absorption of the laser radiation, stones are fragmented due to the rapid evaporation of residual water inside the stone. Unlike mechanical and electro-hydrolic systems, the SPHINX Holmium laser does not apply external force. SPHINX lasers allow for the selection of shorter laser pulse durations than any other Holmium laser for more efficient fragmentation and less thermal effects to the surrounding tissue.

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